My name is Tin and I am from The Philippines!

I hope my new blog be not only a wee source of information, but also be an inspiration to anyone who reads it.

Being a Filipino (and I am very much proud to be one!) and having a Philippine passport made the dream of exploring the world tricky for me to start with. I have limited number of countries to go to “visa-free” and the reality about the record of most Filipinos who go overseas without the proper documentation, makes applying even a tourist visa to countries, mostly European and American, extremely difficult and tedious.

But this reality never stopped me from dreaming and hoping that someday, I’ll be in each and every place I dreamt of since I was a child.

I have lived, worked and traveled to some countries since I left the Philippines in 2006. I haven’t been to a lot yet, but I can say I have learned and experienced much and I am hoping to learn and experience more!

*Before I end my first (ever) post, I want to give credit to the person who inspired me to share my life and my travels to you guys, Johnny! I definitely owe you a drink (or two) mate! 🙂

See you soon guys and hope to hear from you too! 🙂

Tin x